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Doctors United is pleased to provide the following services.

About Us

Our Medical Group’s Mission is to achieve excellence in delivering cost effective, accessible, high quality healthcare which in turn delivers value to patients, payors and our community. To accomplish this we are proud to offer these services:

Special Patient Services

Listed Below Are Additional Services Offered At All Locations For Your Convenience:

Have you been hurt on the Job?

DOCTORS UNITED’s Healthcare Team is well versed in Workman’s Compensation injuries and will have your paperwork properly filled out and documented so that you have one less thing to worry about. When injured, your health should be your first concern. Let us take care of you and your injury while providing the supporting documentation.

DOCTORS UNITED has several locations – all with extended hours – which offer work-related medical treatment for safe and effective care to help get you back to work soon.

We know that when you have a work related injury, you need help fast. Our Board Certified Doctors are available to help you with your work related illness or injury.


For Patients


For Patients

Diabetic Screening Education and Management
Visit us to see how we can work with you to manage your diabetes and help get it under control. We will work to assist you on winning this fight.



For Patients

Asthma Screening, Education and Management
We are passionate about wanting to help our patients with asthma. We know that to control asthma it is more than just the sudden asthma symptoms. We will work to help manage your asthma daily so you can decrease the amount of asthma you are experiencing.


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