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Annual Checkups & Physical Exams

For many people, annual checkups and annual physicals are a yearly test that provides peace of mind. Annual exams typically share the same types of tests, but more specialized physicals for men and women can be needed.

What is a Physical Exam and What Do They Check for?

An annual physical exam is an essential part of any doctor’s visit. A good doctor may be thorough or brief, but he or she will spend time listening to your concerns and providing counseling for your particular needs. Depending on your overall health, age, history, and other circumstances, the components of your annual exam could vary, but a standard annual physical typically includes these two parts.

Routine physical examination

The annual exam includes checking your overall general appearance by looking at both your body and skin as well as hearing and vision. Our doctors observe a patient’s movement, coordination as well as checking their reflexes.

Screening Tests

An annual exam can also include a variety of screening tests. These screening tests check your vitals; blood pressure, urinalysis and a basic blood panel. In addition to these, our doctors may recommend additional tests. These additional tests could include a bone density screening or mammogram.

Why Should You Get an Annual Exam?

Preventative annual checkups can catch potential health issues before they become serious, and support a healthy lifestyle. Healthcare professionals stress the importance of getting an annual physical with your primary care doctor once a year. The benefits that these visits have include:

Improved Doctor-Patient Relationship

Staying connected with your primary care doctor helps him or her do their job better. They now can stay up to date on your health concerns and that will help you build more confidence and trust with them. Getting an annual physical exam allows time for talking about any important issues and questions you might have. If there are health concerns and issues that you’re facing, you also have the chance to bring them up with your doctor.

Early Detection of Serious Health Issues

Probably the most important reason you should get an annual exam is because a standard annual physical goes through routine tests and provides a thorough examination to check for potentially serious health issues, and handle them before they become too serious. Our yearly physicals have helped reveal serious health conditions that our doctors have been able to treat before they harm your long-term health.

Reassurance that You’re Healthy

When you go see your doctor, and learn nothing is wrong with you, that helps provide peace of mind that there isn’t a hidden health problem.

Specialized Annual Physicals

An annual physical can be simply a general checkup. We often recommend more specialized exams such as work physicals, travel physicals, physical exams for men, and physical exams for women.

Work-Related Physicals

At some companies and within some organization, an employer may require a new employee to get a physical before they can start work. This includes a general physical exam, and any other that relate to the employer’s job demands. This can include vision or hearing tests.

Women’s Physicals

Along with the usual parts of a typical physical exam, a woman’s physical exam can also include a check on reproductive health, with tests including a Pap smear and a breast and pelvic exam. Regular annual exams might also be needed for users of certain kinds of contraceptives.

Men’s Physicals

Annual exams for men include checkups like a prostate exam, a hernia check and an exam of your genitals for cancer or STDs. In an annual exam, doctors will also talk to you about issues such as heart diseases or hypertension.

Travel Physicals

Depending on where you’re going to, a physical exam might be required or recommended before you get a chance to travel. One of the reasons this might be required is if you have ongoing health issues. Traveling programs through a school or college may require everyone that’s going on the trip to get a health clearance. They also might want to give you any relevant vaccinations you may need.

Health & Life Insurance Physicals

While not every insurance company requires this, some health and life insurance companies require people that purchase insurance through them to get an annual exam prior to receiving any of the benefits of the insurance policy. An insurance-related exam will focus on areas like the status of pre-existing conditions or other factors that provide a greater risk for the insurance company like obesity.

Where Can I Go to Get a Physical Exam?

With five office locations in Westchester and the Bronx, Doctors United makes it easy to get your next annual physical. Book your appointment and come see us today for your next checkup.

Ardsley: (914) 693-8787 or 1 Bridge St, Ardsley, NY 10502
South Bronx: (718) 589-9588 or 907 E Tremont Ave, Bronx, NY 10460
White Plains: (914) 328-6080 or 174 Grand St, White Plains, NY 10601
Yonkers: (914) 968-5125 or 340 S Broadway, Yonkers, NY 10705
North Bronx (718) 405-0205 or 741 East 233rd St, Bronx, NY 10466


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