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An orthotic (orthoses) is a device that can be placed directly into shoes to correct any dysfunction in the feet and ankles. Foot orthotics can help reduce foot pain caused by medical conditions such as arthritis, bunions, plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and diabetes. These foot devices can offset stress levels as pressure is exerted on them allowing your feet to function properly.

Unlike shoe inserts that can be bought over-the-counter at numerous drug stores, custom-mold-orthotics are personalized to match your unique foot structure. They provide the necessary comfort and support to your feet.

Benefits of custom orthotics:

1.      Custom orthotics can help provide superior comfort allowing you to stand, walk, and run comfortably.

2.      Assist in fighting off pain in the foot, ankle and leg.

3.      Improve balance by allowing your feet the necessary support to maintain a functionally correct position.

4.      Help absorb shock and redirect pressure away from painful areas in the foot and ankle.

5.      Enhances athletic performance. Lowers the risk of injury.

If your feet and ankles are aching on a daily basis, you may have plantar fasciitis or struggling with flat feet. The best way to address any foot pain is to have a podiatrist examine your feet properly to determine whether you need orthotics.

At Doctors United, we treat a variety of foot and ankle conditions and can provide you with custom-fitted orthotics to help you reduce your foot pain and adjust your movement patterns to reduce the overall strain through your body. Schedule an appointment with our expert foot doctors today for a thorough examination of your foot and ankle to make sure your orthotics work well for you.

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